Shel Silverstein, LAFCADIO

Ignat Khalturin:
Shel Silverstein, LAFCADIO/

The story starts by a young lion being very curious and not running away when hunters came. The hunter try to reason but the lion eats the hunter up and brings the gun and bullets to other lions. He starts to practice and becomes the best sharp shooter in the world. He got more ammunition by shooting hunters that came into the jungle.

He got famous by a ringmaster coming to the jungle and taking him to the city where he gets a haircut, takes a bath, gets a suit and has lunch of marsmallows and rides an elevator a thousand times. Slowly he become more and more famous, he has a parade in his honor and performs in the circus. Soon he becomes very much like a man and very rich. Lafcadio is young and very, very curious in the beginning of the story. He is very nice to other lions in the beginning. In the city he said Grauggrr! to get anything he wanted. At the end he was too rich to go Grauggrr! to get something, so he did it only if someone wanted him to.
The thing he hasnt done before is hunting lions. He goes to Africa to hunt lions with fellow hunters. There he meets a real old lion who tells him he is a lion and not a hunter. But his fellow hunters tell him he is a hunter. Lafcadio realizes that he is not a lion anymore but not a man either. That makes him drop his gun and leave and that is the last anyone has ever heard of Lafcadio.

I really liked this book because it was funny like many of Shel Silversteins books and it really makes you wonder what will happen next. The only part I didnot like was the ending because I think it was too sad for a very funny beginning. The message that is hidden in the book is that you shouldnot come to a different kind. Because you will almost never become one of them but you would not be one of your kind anymore either.

I would recommend this book to anybody who would like to read a funny story that has a message in it. That has a lot of jokes and funny pictures.
November 1, 1996

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